Corrosion and fouling behaviors of phosphatised Q235 carbon steel

In a recently published work, various fluorinated polysiloxane coatings with hydrophobic characteristics were fabricated and coated on phosphatised Q235 carbon steel (PCS) to improve the corrosion resistance and antifouling performances.

Shiny nut lies in a rusted wrench.
Corrosion and fouling problems -

The phosphatisation of carbon steel was to immerse the sample into phosphating solution for a certain time at 30 ºC. The fluorinated polysiloxane coating was fabricated via curing fluorinated polysiloxane sol coated on sample. After corrosion and fouling tests, the better performances of corrosion resistance reflected by higher electrochemical impedance and antifouling presented by less fouling adhesion for coated sample were displayed.

Fluorinated polysiloxane coating with good thermal stability

Moreover, microscopic morphologies, chemical components, thermal stabilities, surface energies, roughness and adhesiveness of fluorinated polysiloxane coatings were also investigated. The fluorinated polysiloxane coating shows good microscopic uniformity, thermal stability with only 6.1% weight loss at 375 °C and adhesion on substrate.

The study is published in: Progress in Organic Coatings Volume 134, September 2019, Pages 177-188.

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