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22. Apr 2022 | Markets & Companies

Vink Chemicals establishes partnership with Nanox

Vink Chemicals is partnering with Nanox, a Brazilian expert in silver nanoparticle-based products.
After signing a joint letter of interest in December 2021, the two companies are currently implementing the structures for cooperation. 
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Nanox Intelligent Materials develops, produces and distributes nanostructured materials for everyday products and supplies industries such as retail, food, textiles and architecture and design. The company is specialised in the use of inorganic biocides based on nanoparticles of silver.

"Nanox inorganic biocides are an excellent complement to our Technical Biocides product line," explains David Zilm, Chief Sales Officer at Vink Chemicals. In contrast to organic biocides from Vink Chemicals, inorganic biocides are designed for the long-term preservation and protection of surfaces against microorganisms. They are also used where organic biocides cannot be used, such as in paper packaging, masterbatches, rubbers or resins.

Organic and inorganic biocides

For applications such as plastic or paper packaging for the food sector, and coatings for use in medical facilities such as hospitals, Vink Chemicals will take over the distribution of Nanox biocides outside Brazil. Within the country, Vink Chemicals also distributes the products in markets where Nanox is not active itself, such as polymers, silicon, wood and food. In return, Nanox Intelligent Materials will also offer Vink Chemicals' organic biocides to its customers within its home market of Brazil.

After signing a joint letter of interest in December 2021, the two companies are currently implementing the structures for cooperation, such as technical training for sales, evaluating the markets and creating an action plan.

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Microbicides in Coatings

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