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25. Feb 2021 | Markets & Companies

EuPIA: Printing ink producers under intense pressure

According to the European Printing Ink Association (EuPIA), the producers of printing ink are under intense pressure due to multiple cost drivers.
Raw materials and freight comprise the majority of the overall cost to produce printing inks. 
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As the EuPia tells, a number of compounding issues are leading to significant pressure on printing ink manufacturers across Europe. The increased cost of pigment raw materials, tightening upstream petrochemical supply chains, cost increases for vegetable oil derivatives and dramatically increased freight costs – due to the reduced availability of containers – are highlights of a myriad of destabilising factors.

The EuPIA notes that manufacturers are seeing an aggregation of factors, mostly triggered by the COVID-19 crisis, which are severely impacting the overall raw material supply chain. 

Exacerbation of the current situation?

Raw materials and freight comprise the majority of the overall cost to produce printing inks. According to the EuPIA, it is therefore inevitable that these higher material costs coupled to limited availability will have a major impact on the efficiency and resilience of producing companies. Exponentially higher freight costs are expected to further exacerbate the current situation.


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