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Friday, 27 February 2015
96 item(s) for Nanotechnology
27 Feb 15
Towards a metrology for characterisation of nanostructured hydrophobic coatings

Nanostructured coatings are gaining an increasing importance in critical applications such as anti-fouling, low friction and boundary layer control applications, due to their ability to tailor roughness levels and to modify the energy of the underlying surface.

4 Feb 15
Worms lead way to test nanoparticle toxicity

The lowly roundworm is the star of a research project to measure the toxicity of nanoparticles.

3 Feb 15
New conductive coatings for flexible touchscreens

Mobile phones and smart phones still haven‘t been adapted to the carrying habits of their users.

12 Dec 14
Guideline through the labyrinth of nanomaterials

The guidelines are geared towards small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from all branches of industry, and help weigh up the pros and cons of nanomaterials and make decisions on their use.

26 Aug 14
Coatings binders: Nano silica enhances anticorrosion performance of epoxy coatings

Anticorrosion performance of a clear epoxy coating was enhanced by incorporation of modified nano silica into the polymer matrix.

11 Jul 14
Silver doped hybrid coatings affect antibacterial properties

In a work, researchers analysed the effect of silver doping on the organic-inorganic hybrid structure of sol-gel coatings and its performance as bactericidal materials.

9 Jul 14
Coatings with silica nanoparticles exhibit superhydrophobic properties

Superhydrophobic surfaces can be obtained by tailoring both the chemistry and roughness topography, mimicking the Lotus leaf characteristics.

7 Jul 14
Conductive coatings meet the requirements of flexible touchscreens

Researchers adapt mobile phones and smart phones to the carrying habits of their users.

26 Jun 14
Silver nanoparticulate improves efficacy against biofouling in facade emulsions

Silver nanoparticulate enhanced aqueous silane/siloxane emulsions and their efficacy against biofouling mechanisms are presented within a study.

96 item(s) for Nanotechnology
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