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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Here you find news on nanotechnology for coatings. Read all about current trends and novel products.

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9 Apr 15
Nanotechnology: chiral surfactants for dispersing carbon nanotubes

A novel way to disperse carbon nanotubes (CNTs) by using amphiphilic chiral side-chain liquid crystalline oligomers (ACSLCOs) as chiral surfactants, which possess dual affinity for both CNTs and chiral liquid crystals (CLCs), is reported for the first time.

8 Apr 15
Natural nanocrystals shown to strengthen concrete

Cellulose nanocrystals derived from industrial byproducts have been shown to increase the strength of concrete, representing a potential renewable additive to improve the ubiquitous construction material.

3 Apr 15
Novel coatings combine protection with colour effects

New coloured protective coatings offer corrosion and wear protection and could for instance also be used as a warning colour on surfaces which can get very hot.

27 Feb 15
Towards a metrology for characterisation of nanostructured hydrophobic coatings

Nanostructured coatings are gaining an increasing importance in critical applications such as anti-fouling, low friction and boundary layer control applications, due to their ability to tailor roughness levels and to modify the energy of the underlying surface.

4 Feb 15
Worms lead way to test nanoparticle toxicity

The lowly roundworm is the star of a research project to measure the toxicity of nanoparticles.

12 Dec 14
Guideline through the labyrinth of nanomaterials

The guidelines are geared towards small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from all branches of industry, and help weigh up the pros and cons of nanomaterials and make decisions on their use.

26 Aug 14
Coatings binders: Nano silica enhances anticorrosion performance of epoxy coatings

Anticorrosion performance of a clear epoxy coating was enhanced by incorporation of modified nano silica into the polymer matrix.

8 Aug 14
Novel polymer nano-particles interact with cement

Polymer nano-particles (PNPs) with particle size range of 29.4–52.7nm were synthesised via emulsion polymerisation.

11 Jul 14
Silver doped hybrid coatings affect antibacterial properties

In a work, researchers analysed the effect of silver doping on the organic-inorganic hybrid structure of sol-gel coatings and its performance as bactericidal materials.

99 item(s) for Nanotechnology
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