“Energy consumption is at the heart of innovation”

Yassine Nagazi, Project Manager and Business Developer at Formulaction, summarises why functional coatings are consolidating their position. Interview by Bettina Hoffmann

Yassine Nagazi is Project Manager and Business Developer at Formulaction.
Yassine Nagazi is Project Manager and Business Developer at Formulaction.

There seems to be increased research activity in this area. What do you see as the possible reasons?

Yassine Nagazi: One of the world’s biggest challenges nowadays consists in maintaining sustainable growth while conserving natural resources. Thus, innovation through nanotechnology and functional coatings is key to managing challenges in various fields.

  • Environment – Transition from solvent-borne: low VOCs, small carbon footprint, bio-based formulation, legislative constraints, etc.
  • Innovation – New insights and performance: conductive properties, mechanical properties, specific treatment, etc.
  • Competition: cheaper, faster and easier to use.

Which segments are seeing increased use of existing nanotechnology already?

Yassine Nagazi: Several segments are addressing the challenge of providing more innovative, competitive, and environment-friendly materials. Growing demand from various fields (automotive, aeronautics, electronics, etc) and the need for sustainable solutions are the primary growth drivers of innovation and the boom in nanotechnology and functional coatings. Formulators are constantly on the lookout for new formulas and more sustainable materials. Thus, nanotechnology and characterisation of these innovative functional coatings are key points needing control.

Which substrate or application scenario will see the biggest rise in use over the next few years?

Yassine Nagazi: Optimisation of energy consumption. More than ever, energy consumption is at the heart of innovations and the key to developing efficiency in several markets. Through the use of nanotechnology and functional coatings, it is possible to optimise the product-manufacturing process in terms of time and energy. In fact, the insights provided by these innovations lead to less-energy-intensive products that perform better. Nanotechnology also enables processes to be optimised and the right amount of time and energy for manufacturing to be determined.

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