Tailored filler solutions for niche applications

Hoffmann Mineral is one of the best-known suppliers for filler solutions and specialised in products based on Neuburg Siliceous Earth. With a new business unit that offers highly specialised filler solutions for a number of niche applications the company starts expanding into new markets.

Tobias Gartz

Hoffmann Mineral is establishing a new business unit called Tailored Filler Solutions. Please explain, what is this unit about? 

Tobias Gartz: By introducing the Tailored Filler Solutions, we want to expand our exposure in all our markets worldwide. Given our experience with the Neuburg Siliceous Earth and on other raw materials due to our toll manufacturing business, we want to offer our partners and customers a wider product range from only one supplier.

These new products are supposed to complement our current portfolio in industries and applications with the need for special requirements in the final product. Hence, the brand of the new business unit is already stating its purpose: we want to offer particularly tailored mineral fillers as a solution to our customer’s problems. Furthermore, due to exclusive partnerships, e.g. 3M Advanced Materials, we will follow and expand the mentality of Hoffmann Mineral to supply not only material for good ideas, but also exclusive and experienced support for the raw materials of our partners.

The new business unit will offer products for niche applications, can you give us a few examples?

Gartz: We will start with four new product groups, which are designed for one specific niche application, but can also be used in others. First, is a modified hollow glass bubble (GLOXIL iM16k A) to further boost the incorporation of the filler material in the polymer matrix, e.g. polyamide or polypropylene. Here, we aim for applications that have to require low densities, such as in the automotive industry or aircraft constructions.

Second, we developed a hybrid filler consisting of our own material, Neuburg Siliceous Earth, and a fiber with an added modification (GLOXIL SF 91 A). In particular, balanced and good results in stiffness, toughness and scratch resistance as well as good processing properties define the materials advantages in majorly plastics, e.g. 3D printing. Complementing are a modified talc (STRUKTOSIL 45 AM) for elastomers with special requirements for good water-/vapor-resistance and a modified silica dispersion (GLOXIL WW SL) for clear coatings concerning matting and stain resistances.

When will this new business unit start and what further developments do you plan with it?

Gartz: The Tailored Filler Solutions will be launched in autumn 2021 and will be available worldwide. Currently, further developments base on different raw materials and by using other functionalities to modify these materials; always with the aim to further boost all kinds of applications. On top of that, we steadily want to expand our portfolio to areas where we currently see the potential for the need of individualised mineral fillers for applications with special requirements.

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