Study: Highest amount of flame retardants is used in Asia-Pacific

For the sixth time, Ceresana analysed the global market for brominated and chlorinated flame retardants as well as for ATH, organophosphates, ATO, and other types.

Fire alarm and fire extinguisher.
About 2.26 million tonnes of flame retardants were processed worldwide in 2018 (symbol image). Image source: Björn Wylezich – -

The present study provides both figures of demand and revenues for the overall market as well as demand volume for the particular types of flame retardants and their applications. About 2.26 million tonnes of flame retardants were processed worldwide in 2018.

The construction industry is the most important application area of flame retardants. About 30% of global demand originate in this segment. Flame retardants are often used for insulation foams.

Strongest percentage growth in the segment transportation

Electrics and electronics is the second largest application area of flame retardants, accounting for a global demand of 534,000 tonnes. Further applications are cables and products used in the transportation industry. Until 2026, researchers at Ceresana expect demand for flame retardants in the segment transportation to experience the strongest percentage growth: approx. 2.8% per year. However, construction materials will continue to be the largest application area in the upcoming eight years.

Aluminum trihydroxide (ATH) is currently and by far the most frequently sold flame retardant worldwide accounting for about 38%. Brominated compounds, used in electronic and electrical products as well as foams, are in second place.

In Western Europe and North America, brominated compounds had market shares of only 5.5% and 11%, respectively, while accounting for 29% in Asia. In total, the highest amount of flame retardants is used in Asia-Pacific: In 2018, this world region accounted for about 44% of all sales.

More information about the study can be found on the Ceresana Website.

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