Rembrandtin receives award for apprenticeship training

On 10th December Rembrandtin was awarded the quality seal "TOP-Lehrbetrieb 2019-2022" by the Vienna Chamber of Commerce.

Alexander Eder (apprentice) -

Rembrandtin has been an apprenticing company for more than 50 years. Six apprentices are currently being trained: Five laboratory technicians and one office clerk. During their training, the laboratory technicians go through different areas, from analytics to quality control, and learn everything about paints and coatings in Rembrandtin's diverse industrial paint segments. Work is currently underway to implement the new apprenticeship occupation “Laboratory Technology – Paint and Coating Materials”. Karin Schutting was the key decision-maker in the development of the curriculum and was able to bring in her many years of experience as an apprentice representative in the industry.

The Quality Seal of the City of Vienna

Since 2014, the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Vienna Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Federation of Trade Unions and the Vienna Chamber of Labour have been awarding the Quality Seal for Training Companies together with the City of Vienna. In addition to the regular admission criteria, a number of evaluation criteria must also be fulfilled in order to qualify for the quality seal.

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