New book on electrocoats published

The newly released book "Electrocoat" Michael Brüggemann and Anja Rauch gives insights into the electro-deposition, paint formulation, manufacturing, and application of the electrocoat process.

The newly released book

Electrophoretic paints, commonly known as electrocoat or -paint, are organic coatings dispersed in water, carrying an electric charge. This enables the paint for deposition onto a metal, which is carrying the opposite charge. Resulting from this special way of application are special needs for formulating its coating: This textbook shows requirements and particularities for the electrocoat process and its troubleshooting.

The 180 pages long work by Michael Brüggemann and Anja Rauch illustrates the theoretical basics of electro-deposition, paint formulation, manufacturing, application process in addition to failures and countermeasures of the electrocoat process. Newcomers and practitioners alike get and a comprehensive overview over the wide field of electrocoats as well as deeper insights into this technology.

Have a glance into the book.

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