Lonza’s preservative gains Blue Angel label compliance

Lonza announced that its "Proxel BZ Plus" preservative is now compatible for the in-can preservation of interior paints in accordance with the Blue Angel label criteria RAL-UZ 102.

Low-emission wall and ceiling paints primarily for interior use are designated by The Blue Angel environmental label. Source: archideaphoto – Fotolia.com. -

The Blue Angel environmental label designates low-emission wall and ceiling paints primarily for interior use and applies to emulsion latex, silicate and silicate emulsion paint products.

German Ecolabel for approved active substance combinations

The Blue Angel is an internationally recognized German Ecolabel scheme that guarantees a product or service meets highest standards when it comes to its environmental, health and performance characteristics. Obtaining this designation requires rigorous evaluation against criteria developed by the German Federal Environment Agency. Label certification of finished products requires paint manufactures to use only approved active substance combinations in their paint formulations.

Additional options for eco-labeled paint products

“Following the recent classification and labelling change that has been agreed in Europe for methylisothiazolinone (MIT), formulators have even further difficulty when selecting the appropriate preservation of their eco-labeled paint products,” said Johannes Koehler, EMEA Marketing Manager for Lonza. “The acceptance of the color stabilization system within Proxel BZ Plus Preservative now gives the formulator an additional option when considering ongoing compliance with Blue Angel.”

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