Lanthanum zirconate based thermal barrier coatings

A review article summarises latest information about the manufacturing techniques of lanthanum zirconate powder and lanthanum zirconate based thermal barrier coatings (TBC).

Lanthanum zirconate based thermal barrier coatings. Souce: Pixabay -

Lanthanum zirconate (La2Zr2O7, LZ) is a promising candidate material for TBC applications, due to its lower thermal conductivity and higher thermal stability compared to other traditional TBC systems.

Propose of future research directions

In this work, the physical, thermal, and mechanical properties of the powder and coatings are evaluated. The durability experiments of the TBCs in various thermal, mechanical, and corrosive conditions are also reviewed. In addition, theoretical studies on the powder and coatings properties are presented. Finally, future research directions of lanthanum zirconate as TBC applications are proposed.

The study is published in: Surface and Coatings Technology, Volume 323, 25 August 2017, Pages 18-29

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