Industry and members of British parliament align on future of REACH

Last month, the Environmental Audit Committee published the results of its inquiry into the future of chemicals regulation after Brexit, to which the British Coatings Federation (BCF) submitted a response.

Industry and members of parliament align on future of REACH. Source: -

The Committee’s report was aligned with the views of the coatings and wider chemical industries, reflecting the sector’s concerns on the complexities around transferring REACH into UK law with the Great Repeal Bill, clarification needed from Government on REACH registrations, retention of registrations, and the difficulties of having a separate UK system of chemicals regulation.

Findings reflect results of the recent Brexit survey

Select Committees are made up of at least 11 members of parliament (MP) from different political parties who scrutinise government policy. The Committees publish inquiries into specific policies and findings are reported to Government, who formally respond to the Committee but do not have to adopt the recommendations. The findings of the inquiry reflect the results of the chemicals supply chain’s recent Brexit survey conducted earlier in the year.

Separate UK chemical regulatories bad for business

Tom Bowtell, Chief Executive of the British Coatings Federation, said: “I’m pleased the inquiry report is synonymous with the results of the chemical industry survey on the future of REACH in the UK. Over three quarters of BCF members said that a separate UK chemical regulatory system would be bad for business, which is acknowledged as being expensive for the taxpayer and industry.

“It’s clear from our members that access to the single market is vital, and it’s positive that the inquiry report notes that the UK should negotiate to remain a participant of REACH. I hope the Government will pay the report heed by taking a pragmatic approach to the future of the UK’s chemical regulations and provide certainty to the industry.”

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