Halloysites and mesoporous silica as inhibitor nanocontainers for feedback active powder coatings

Scientists carried out a comparative study of the effect of inhibitor-loaded nanocontainers on corrosion protection performance of polyepoxy powder coatings employing neutral salt-spray test (5% NaCl, 35 °C).

The researchers found an increased corrosion protection of nanocontainer-impregnated coatings over 1000 h salt spray test. Source: artjazz – Fotolia.com. -

They demonstrated that halloysites and mesoporous silica particles loaded with corrosion inhibitor 8-hydroxyquinoline can be homogeneously distributed in powder coating effectively reducing corrosion of the metal substrate over 1000 h of salt-spray test. Addition of only 2 wt.% of inhibitor encapsulated in both nanocontainers to the powder coating is sufficient to decrease the delamination effect by 2–3 times and suppress the formation of the pitting corrosion.

The study was published in: Progress in Organic Coatings Volume 123, October 2018, Pages 384-389.

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