Glycol ethers market size is set to surpass USD 8.5 billion by 2025

The market size for glycol methyl ether for coating applications may register 4% gains upto 2025 according to a new research report by Global Market Insights.

Can containing a red paint.
The market for glycol ethers in paints and varnishes is likely to continue to grow (symbol image). Image source: Torsten_Lohse / Pixelio. -

Rise in disposable income and stringent environment regulations on fuel efficiency as well as environmental regulations will boost the market for hybrid and electrical vehicles. Glycol methyl ether is widely used to manufacture coatings to protect vehicles from external environmental factors such as UV radiation. Changing consumer perceptions towards aesthetic features of automobiles will additionally boost the glycol ethers market for automotive coatings.

Glycol ethers market in paints and coatings

Growth from paint industries may enhance glycol ethers market share owing to their superior properties such as improving flow characteristics along with smooth lapping. Increasing construction spending on residential and commercial projects such as universities, hospitals, libraries, and offices in developing economies of Asia and Eastern European countries such as Ukraine, Czech Republic, and Slovenia will boost the glycol ethers market in paints and coatings. The glycol ethers market share is driven due to widespread use in industries and decorative applications owing to its economical nature, low toxicity levels and biodegradable nature.

Furthermore an increasing consumer demand for quality cosmetics owing to rise in disposable income along with shift in consumer perceptions on dermatological aspects of overall health is likely to drive glycol ethers market size as glycol ether is widely used as base in sunscreens and lotions owing to its miscibility characteristics with organic solvents and water.

More information can be found on the Global Market Insights Website.

Image source: Pixabay.

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