Glossy exteriors can now breathe easy

With a new technology glossy exterior coatings are water repellent from the outside but permeable to water vapor from the inside.

High-gloss yet breathable: Exteriors with the dispersion. Source: Mondie/ -

“Tegovapro” replaces one part of the primary binder, giving the formulation a new property at little additional effort or expense. This Evonik innovation allows to formulate high-quality exterior coatings ranging from semi-matte to high-gloss.

Preventing cracks and bubbles

Builders have traditionally resisted using glossy paints for exteriors. While these coatings keep water out, they are not breathable. When water vapor presses against the coating from the inside, it often produces cracks or bubbles. The problem is more than simply aesthetic – it can also damage the exterior over the long term. The glossier the coating, the more likely it is to form cracks and bubbles.

Weather resistance remains unaffected

The product prevents these defects with no negative impact on other formulation properties. The weather resistance of the coating remains unaffected as well. This means that, manufacturers can formulate glossy exterior paints that are as breathable as matte paints. The technology is based on a multilayered acrylate dispersion. Replacing just 20% of the primary binder is enough to produce a significant effect.

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