Cutting-edge innovations for paints and coatings

The secret to prevailing in the face of market challenges and achieving economic success is to innovate. As an innovation manager or the head of research and development, you need to stay one step ahead of the pack to ensure that your company continues to thrive. Are you this specific one step ahead? If not, you should not miss the European Coatings Future Dialogue.

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This exceptional conference offers you a full range of coatings-relevant cutting-edge research: Polymerization-induced self-assembyl, photoinduced controlled/living radical polymerication and coupling process, current developments in hygenic coatings, multilayer hybrid graphene-polmer coatings for corrosion protection to name only a few topics. Coatings enthusiasts from all over the world gather in Berlin in order to exchange ideas and to discuss current challenges with leading international coatings manufacturers.

Here you will find the detailed programme:

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