Comparing the scratch resistance of thermosetting powder coatings

The knowledge of the coating properties in terms of scratch and wear resistance is extremely important to prevent severe damage.

Polyester and epoxy powder coatings filled with MoS2 were elaborated by ESD system. Source: Schlierner/Fotolia -

A paper focused on the study of a comparative evaluation of the scratch and wear performance of two thermosetting powder coatings filled with different weight fractions of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) solid lubricant. Indeed, the thermoset polyester and epoxy organic powder were deposited onto aluminum substrates by an electrostatic spray coating process. The effect of MoS2 solid lubricant on the friction and wear behavior of both polyester and epoxy composite powder coatings were assessed via reciprocating tribometer under dry friction conditions. The micro-mechanical performance of the scratch resistance of the composite coatings was conducted using progressive load scratch tests.

Epoxy matrix with 5 wt.% of MoS2 has the best scratch response

The experimental findings of the tribological analysis have proven a significant reduction of the friction coefficient and a higher anti-wear ability of the polyester composite coatings compared with the epoxy matrix to which the addition of MoS2 particles has a little effect on the friction-reducing mechanism. Finally, the investigation of the scratch resistance of the polyester or epoxy composite powder coatings filled with MoS2 confirms that the incorporation of MoS2 particles to either polyester or epoxy matrices leads to a significant decrease of the critical loads characterising the coating damage. From the residual depth trends and contact pressure analyses, the epoxy composite coatings reinforced by 5 wt.% of MoS2 are found to have a great scratch resistance response compared to the polyester composite reinforced by the same wt.% of MoS2.

The study is published in: Surface and Coatings Technology, Volume 263, 15 February 2015.

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