Coatings additive prevents foaming in aqueous systems

A new polymer-based, VOC- and silicone-free defoamer prevents foaming in aqueous systems.

The additive is mineral-oil- and hence emission-free -

Mineral-oil-based defoamers are widely used – mainly in applications in which price is a key criterion. Negative side effects such as separation tendency, odor, environmental aspects and the often lacking approvals for direct food contact mean that the market is looking for affordable alternatives.

Suitable for applications with food contact

“Byk-1640” is such an alternative. The additive is mineral-oil- and hence emission-free, neutral in odor, silicone-free, and easy to incorporate. It is also suitable for some applications that come into direct contact with food and provides high versatility that makes it widely applicable: in architectural, protective, can and paper coatings as well as in adhesives, construction chemicals and printing inks. The product is not only effective at low dosage but an overall economic defoamer with good performance that Byk will be presenting at this year’s ECS alongside other, additives for optimised processes.

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