Bodo Möller Chemie and CeraCon cooperate worldwide

Effective immediately, the Bodo Möller Chemie Group cooperates with the engineering and mechanical engineering company CeraCon.

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Bodo Möller Chemie and the engineering and mechanical engineering company CeraCon cooperate worldwide. Image source: carballo – (symbol image). -

CeraCon develops and produces processing systems and materials for 1-component foam seals, used in, among other things, high-voltage batteries of electric vehicles.

“Thanks to the welcoming cooperation with CeraCon, we will now be able to support our customers not only with our professional expertise, but also with ideal products as well. Thanks to the global partnership, we intensify our presence in the growth market of electrical mobility,” says Andreas Moser, Marketing Director Formulated Systems Europe of Bodo Möller Chemie.

Sealing systems

CeraCon was founded in the year 2000 as an engineering and mechanical engineering company that nowadays employs more than 200 people. The construction and manufacturing of standardised and customised installations for sealing systems is one of the most important divisions that includes, apart from plant engineering, also the manufacturing of one-component PUR foam sealing systems and the application of foamed seals as contract production.

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