Bio-based polyol for VOC free 2K PU applications

A new bio-based polyol is used for manufacturing low-emission 2K PU coatings for interior and exterior applications.

The polyol makes indoor floorings -

With “Sovermol 830” BASF is launching a new polyol that makes indoor floorings, e.g. in industrial warehouses or sports halls, more resistant. As the resin is produced from renewable raw material and contains no VOCs it contributes to the production of more sustainable coatings with high levels of stability and durability.

Shore D hardness exceeds 60

Due to a specific chemical modification, the complex polyether-ester polyol has water-repellent properties. It exhibits good curing properties, even in curing environments with high humidity and temperature. Due to its high filling levels and low processing viscosity, it helps to lower the overall cost of a formulation. In addition, the shore D hardness of this thermoplastic material exceeds 60. Despite the extended processing time of Sovermol 830, the material can be walked on after one day only, which ensures shorter downtimes and, consequently, lower costs.

Suitable for coatings exposed to potable water

The polyol can be used in coatings for industrial floorings, coatings exposed to potable water and semi-structural adhesives. Apart from its abrasion and impact resistance, the product shows good flexibility even at low temperatures, which prevents cracks from spreading in the substrate. A list of the raw materials that are used to produce the polyol in the “Guideline for the hygienic assessment of organic coatings exposed to potable water” dated June 17, 2013 completes the product profile.

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