Biesterfeld and Cortec agree on distribution of anti-corrosion additives

With immediate effect, Biesterfeld Spezialchemie is taking on responsibility for the Europe-wide distribution of anti-corrosion additives for paints and varnishes from U.S. manufacturer Cortec Corporation.

Biesterfeld and Cortec agree on distribution of anti-corrosion additives. Quelle: Pixabay -

This cooperation is a good addition to the distributor's portfolio for this industry.

Preventing flash-rust formation

The organic and inorganic corrosion inhibitors offered are suitable for both solvent-containing and water-based formulations with an acrylate, polyurethane, epoxy or alkyd basis. Used alone or in combination with conventional anti-corrosion pigments, they offer long-term protection against corrosion on ferrous and non-ferrous substrates and prevent flash-rust formation.

Deep penetration into cavities

In contrast to conventional anti-corrosion protection based on pigments, “Nano-VpCI” molecules penetrate deep into all cavities on the metal surface to inhibit the corrosion process. Even at very low concentrations ( 2%) and with a small layer thickness (25µm), this enables the metal to withstand a salt spray test for 1,000 hours without a problem.

“We're delighted about the new partnership,” says Kathrin Schmitt, Product Manager, Biesterfeld Spezialchemie. “The anti-corrosion additives ideally complement our product portfolio, rounding off our range for paint and varnish applications.”

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