BASF presents platform for digital visualisation of automotive colors

BASF's Coatings division has created a digital platform that provides OEM designers with a database of photorealistic, virtual automotive colors.

Manufacturers will be able to access the comprehensive color data on the digital platform and display it on various stored 3D forms or CAD objects of their own models. Source: Margo Harrison – -

BASF's virtual color palette covers all facets of vehicle paintwork, including iridescent colors and glitter effects. By transferring these shades to their own car models, OEM designers can virtually display any suggested shade and get a realistic impression of the shades and effects on the finished vehicle at an early stage of development. OEM designers no longer have to rely solely on physical samples, which are specially painted and shipped for this purpose. This considerably accelerates and perfects the entire colour design process. The platform also offers other innovative functions, such as the direct comparison of different color nuances in a color group, which makes it easier to choose the right color.

More than 600 colors for automobiles

BASF cooperates with almost all car manufacturers on the market and currently produces more than 600 colors in Europe. At the same time, new colors are constantly being developed. The product range is now scanned with cameras. The amount of data obtained is processed using a complex calculation model and checked with BASF's colorimetric knowledge to ensure authenticity. The manufacturers can then access the comprehensive color data on the platform and display it on various stored 3D forms or CAD objects of their own models.

Virtual three-dimensional car shapes

In the introductory phase, BASF will first present its virtual color range to manufacturers in the EMEA region. In addition to the digital platform, the customer can discover the technology in the “analog twin” – its own showroom in the Color Design Studio Europe in Münster. BASF has also developed special virtual three-dimensional car shapes in order to represent the colors and color effects as realistically as possible. Like BASF's established domes – special presentation objects for the display of automotive colors – the virtual shapes simulate the various body variants. In order to evaluate how well the color tone fits into the overall concept, OEM designers can select forms of different vehicle classes for color visualisation.

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