BASF announces cooperation with HP Indigo

BASF has entered a strategic collaboration with HP Indigo, a leading manufacturer of digital printing presses. Both companies are working on an interesting new development.

BASF announces cooperation with HP Indigo. Source: viperagp/ -

BASF and HP Indigo will develop water-based adhesive solutions for flexible packaging that are specially tailored for the requirements of the HP Indigo “Electroink” process, a highly flexible and fast digital printing process.

Lamination of flexible food packaging

BASF’s water-based adhesive systems are an environmentally compatible and economically rewarding alternative to conventional technologies when it comes to the lamination of flexible food packaging. The “Epotal” lamination systems offer advantages over solvent and solvent-less adhesives. Beside a lower carbon footprint, these systems provide increased flexibility and accelerated production procedures due to their unique polymer design.

“HP is constantly looking into faster turnaround time to extend the value of the digital printing applications,” said Nurit Raccah, Labels and Packaging Media and Materials Business Manager, Indigo division, HP. “This strategic collaboration with BASF, a leading player in the  adhesive industry, demonstrates our continued commitment to providing HP Indigo customers full end-to-end solutions with extended performance.”

Adhesive solutions for digital printing

The expansion of HP Indigo digital printing into mainstream flexible packaging required a validation of various adhesive performances with the HP Indigo ElectroInk. Thus, BASF accomplished several lamination solutions for digital printing including adhesives for dry lamination for food packaging.

“Recently we have developed innovative high-performance water-based adhesives for digital inks: 'Epotal DP3820X' and 'Basonat LR 9056',” said Dr Axel Weiss, Head of Marketing Dispersions for Industrial Adhesives Europe at BASF. “In combination with HP Indigo 'Pack Ready Coating' these adhesives enable the production of retort pouches with best lamination quality.”

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