BASF analyses the 2018 automotive colour distribution

With the "BASF Colour Report for Automotive OEM Coatings”, BASF’s Coatings division provides a global analysis of the colour distribution in the 2018 automotive market.

According to a new market study by BASF -

The achromatic colours – white, black, gray and silver – still dominate the roads. They cover almost 80% of cars produced worldwide. White is the most popular colour among them. More than every fourth car in North America and nearly every third vehicle in Europe is painted white, while in Asia Pacific it is more than every second car. Silver’s popularity decreased slightly in comparison to the previous year.

Chromatic colours more popular within smaller vehicle segments

Among the diverse range of colour shades, blue is the most popular, followed by red. These chromatic colours tend to be more popular within the smaller vehicle segments, such as compact and subcompact cars. The overall amount of chromatic hues drops off significantly in the larger segments. Here, there was a considerable increase in black and white compared to the previous year.

The complete market analysis is available on BASF's website.

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