Real-time characterization during dispersion process enhances product quality

Particle size is one of the key aspects influencing the performance of coatings and inks, such as viscosity, transparency, stability and color strength. Dr. Felipe Wolff Fabris of EZD will present the latest results at the European Coatings Future Dialogue.

Dispersion is crucial for coatings performance. -

Dispersing / grinding processes are employed in order to reduce the agglomerate / particle size and therefore to tailor the product’s properties. There is a growing need on directly characterizing particle size in a production process, which would allow: i) higher productivity; ii) better quality control; iii) implementation of autonomous process control. In his talk at the EC Future Dialogue Dr. Wolff Fabris will present different online and inline methods based on optical analysis, ultrasonic spectroscopy and dynamic light scattering. Their potentials and limitations will be discussed. Particular emphasis will be placed on the challenges regarding real-time characterization: data sampling and measurement time, investigation in original concentration and influence of the surrounding conditions. Obtained results with these methods will also be exemplary presented.

Take a glimpse into the future of coatings technoloy

During the conference renowned speaker from industry and academy will presend latest development and findings which are science today but may by coatings tomorrow. For example Prof. Robert Akid from University of manchester will speak about “Multilayer hybrid graphene-polymer coatings for long term corrosion protection”. Dr. Florian Golling from Covestro will show how to lift polyurethane chemistry into the next dimension.

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