Poly(ester amide urethane) as robust material

A recent study presents elastomeric biodegradable poly(ester amide urethane) as a tough and robust material.

It has become a pressing priority to focus on as well as promote the usage of bio-derived polymers which are also sought to be biodegradable in nature taking into consideration the rising ecological awareness. Image source: FikMik - Fotolia (symbol image).

Poly(ester amide)s belong to a special class of polymers and their intrinsic properties can be tailored by tuning their chemical structures. In this regard, poly(ester amide urethane) resins were synthesized to circumvent the shortcomings as well as to impart new features into the poly(ester amide) framework. In the present work, various compositions of poly(ester amide urethane) were prepared by varying the proportions of isophorone diisocyanate. On investigating the mechanical profile study, it was noted that the polymeric specimens exhibited excellent elongation at break values ranging from 640.81 % to 1875.91 %, thereby rendering traits of a sturdy elastomeric material. The samples also demonstrated outstanding toughness values from 1125.11 MJm−3 to 1895.62 MJm−3.

Good biodegradable attributes

In turn, the polymeric material displayed satisfactory thermal stability above 200 °C along with good chemical resistance values. Disparate aging tests were conducted to assess the durability of the material under stringent environmental conditions. The materials demonstrated remarkable enhancement in tensile strength parameters upon exposure to various aging regimes (heat, UV, etc.) which further promote their utility as robust materials for outdoor applications. Additionally, they revealed exceptionally good biodegradable attributes along with significant cytocompatibility behavior.

The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 182, September 2023.

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