Novel composite films with strong self healing ability

A recent study presents epoxy composite films modified by polyurea-based double-walled microcapsules.

A laboratory.
It was demonstrated that the glass transition temperature of the final crosslinked network could be controlled by the addition of a monoallylated monomer. Image source: kwanchaift - (symbol image).

The built-in self-healing capability, which can substantially repair the damaged polymeric materials, has become research hotspots in recent years. In a new study, double-walled microcapsules were introduced in epoxy composite films to obtain a strong self-healing ability.


Test results showed that the epoxy composite films with 3.0 wt% microcapsules had the highest mechanical property improvement and the composite films with 5.0 wt% microcapsules achieved the highest self-healing efficiency of 61 %.

The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 157, August 2021.

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