Uzin Utz plans second production site in Waco, Texas

A new Uzin Utz production site is being built in Waco, Texas, on a site area of approximately 61,000 square feet by 2022.

Uzin Utz plans to open a new site in Texas in 2022. Image source: mat_hias - Pixabay (symbol image).

The second production site of the Uzin Utz Group subsidiary is the third location of the group of companies in the USA, in addition to the dry mortar plant in Dover, Delaware, and the sales company in Aurora, Colorado. In addition to a production facility for powder products, a training center and the central US location for research and development are to be built there. The investment volume is around EUR 28 million. At the start of production in 2022, more than 40 employees are to have their workplace in Waco.

“With this highest investment to date, we are underlining our international growth strategy and our long-term commitment in the USA,” said Heinz Leibundgut, member of the Executive Board and responsible for finance.

“Second production facility is necessary”

The Uzin Utz Group has already been represented in the USA since 2007 with a sales company and since 2015 with a production facility in Dover, Delaware. “Our commitment to the North American market has not changed, even in light of the current economic and global situation. We continue to see strong demand for our products and system-based solutions. This investment in a second production facility is necessary to maintain our high standards of product innovation, quality, delivery speed and technical service,” said Julian Utz, member of the Board of Management.

“In 2015, we firmly anchored our company in the North American market with the construction of our production facility in Dover, Delaware. North America represents the largest flooring market in the world; investments such as this production facility in Waco, Texas, are necessary to enable us to achieve our strategic goals by 2025 and the goals set for our global company beyond that. Our commitment to the market, the people and the industry has not changed; we will continue to invest to the fullest extent,” adds Philipp Utz, member of the Executive Board, who was already responsible for the construction of the plant in Dover, Delaware.

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