Top 25: The largest coatings companies 2022

It’s that time of the year again: The editors of European Coatings Journal publish the annual ranking of the 25 top-selling paint and coatings manufacturers in Europe. Even though there have again been only slight shifts in the rankings, there is a clear growth trend in sales.

Top 25 of coatings manufacturers in Europe
Who are the 25 largest producers of paints and coatings? IR Stone

The list consists only of companies headquartered in Europe. The ranking results from the sales revenues generated with paints and coatings. For this reason, there are constant changes – companies are removed from the list and others are added. Due to acquisitions and mergers, three paint and coatings manufacturers are no longer represented this year. French paint manufacturer Cromology, which was always among the top ten companies in terms of sales, is no longer in the Top 25 this year. In the second half of the year, the Japanese group Nippon Paint announced acquisition plans. As of the first half of 2021, sales were EUR 370 million (total 2020 sales: EUR 628 million). Tikkurila and Wörwag also had to be taken from the list. Last year, the Finnish company made it to 7th place and Wörwag to 18th. Both companies were taken over by the U.S. group PPG in the course of last year.

Increasing coatings sales

As can be seen, sales in 2021 increased year-on-year for almost all companies. Only two companies recorded lower sales than in 2020. The cumulative value of all sales of the 25 paint and coatings manufacturers is over EUR 24 billion (2020: EUR 22.36 billion). Sales are also higher than in 2019 (EUR 23.53 billion). Of course, these values cannot be fully compared because, as mentioned at the beginning, these are not the identical companies in every year and price adjustments certainly play a role in this year’s list.

Company Country

Paints and coatings sales
in million EUR

Previous year’s P&C sales
in million EUR

Group sales in
EUR million

Akzo Nobel
Netherlands 9,587 8,530 9,587
Germany 3,440 3,089 78,600
Norway 2,394 1,962 2,394
Denmark 1,774 1,542 1,774
Germany 1,157 1,101 1,446
Beckers Group
Germany 637 585 637
Germany 522 468 614
Teknos Finland 419 384 419
Mankiewicz Germany 374 355 374
Meffert AG Farbwerke Germany 372 360 418
CIN – Corporacao Industrial do Norte, S.A. Portugal 365 324 365
Flügger Group Denmark 330 290 330
IVM Chemicals Italy 300 290 335
Tiger Coatings Austria 299 255 299
Sto Germany 262 240 1,433
Remmers Germany 243 215 376
Mipa Germany 230 205 250
Grebe Holding
Germany 211 178 211
Turkey 184 179 837
France 182 166 202
Dold Gruppe
180 153 180
Śnieżka Poland
161 169 174
Adler-Werk Lackfabrik Austria 151 135 151
Briolf Group
Spain 130 106
Freilacke Germany 123

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