The top 10 coatings articles from 2019

What were the hot topics that the coatings industry discussed in 2019? We have collected the top 10 articles that you, our readers, found to be the most interesting.

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Unsurprisingly, the number one topic last year was the classification of titanium dioxide as potentially carcinogenic. The news about the final decision by the European Commission was the most read article on our website. The topic of TiO2 is also present with multiple other articles in the top 10 that we published during the year following the classification process. Now, that the classification is on the way, we will of course observe and inform the further development.

Regulatory issues most important

Even though titanium dioxide was the most prominent issue, there are other topics that proved to be of particular interest to the industry. With articles about the planed 0.1 % restriction on diisocyanates and a lost legal battle regarding the classification of Bisphenol A, there is a clear trend that shows the increasing regulatory pressure on unrestricted substances is affecting the industry.

An interesting news that can be found in the top10 (number eight) is an abstract about sea pollution from paint dust. This is clearly a reaction to the increasing attention to the topic of microplastic.

The Top 10 coatings articles 2019

1) EU Commission classifies titanium dioxide in powder form

2) Ranking 2019: The 25 largest coatings producers in Europe

3) What happens with titanium dioxide?

4) Mergers and acquisitions: Deceleration in the coatings industry

5) Titanium dioxide: “Not the right approach”

6) Majority of EU countries vote against Commission proposal on titanium dioxide classification

7) Diisocyanates: Support for REACH restriction

8) Sea polluted by paint dust

9) Diisocyanates: The 0.1 % limit

10) EU Court confirms classification of bisphenol A

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Event tip:

Titanium dioxide will also be the focus of the EC TiO2 Forum on 28 and 29 January in Berlin. The conference will look at the pigment from a technical point of view, but will deal with alternatives and innovations in the field of TiO2.

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