Stora Enso starts ecofriendly replacement of phenol

Stora Enso launches bio-based lignin as renewable replacement for oil-based phenolic materials and takes a further step on its way to replacing fossil-based materials with renewable solutions.

Lignin is one of the main building blocks of a tree and makes up 20-30% of the composition of wood. Source: EvgeniT / Pixabay. -

Markus Mannström, Executive Vice President of the Stora Enso Biomaterials division, says, “Having increased our lignin focus in recent years, we’re delighted to launch Lineo. Lignin is a non-toxic raw material with traceable origin and stable cost structure, and bio-based Lineo is ideal for companies looking for alternatives to oil-based products. We believe that everything made from fossil-based materials today, can be made from a tree tomorrow.”

Replacing phenol

Stora Enso has been producing lignin at industrial scale since 2015 at its Sunila pulp mill in Finland. The mill’s capacity is 50 000 tonnes of lignin per year, making Stora Enso the largest kraft lignin producer in the world. Stora Enso is already selling “Lineo”  to replace phenol, and the company is also looking at many other applications for this very versatile material.

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