Out now: the new EC Podcast

We are launching the new EC Podcast. Once a month we will present exclusive insights into the paints and coatings industry on all important audio platforms. This first episode takes a closer look at the current trend towards consolidation and the takeover of Tikkurila by PPG.

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Finding time to get up to speed on the latest developments in the coatings industry can be stressful. With our new podcast, we want to give you the opportunity to learn about technological developments or important market information while you are travelling, are on a run or at any other time when you cannot look at a screen.

In our first episode, our editors Vanessa Bauersachs and Damir Gagro dive into the current trend towards consolidation in the coatings industry. Of course, a currently focus development here has been the competition between Akzo Nobel and PPG to acquire the Finnish coatings manufacturer Tikkurila. Moreover, our editors speak about the general trend for increased acquisitions, not only by large companies like PPG, Nippon Paint or Akzo Nobel but also by small and medium sized companies.

Last but not least, they discuss the possibility of an end game scenario with only a couple of companies dominating the coatings market and if this is a realistic prospect.


Speaking: Vanessa Bauersachs, Damir Gagro / Production: Jan Gesthuizen, Sarina Lux


You will also find the podcast on all mayor audio players like Spotify, Apple Podcast or Soundcloud.

The mentioned articles from the podcast are available at European Coatings 360°.

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