Job cuts planned at BASF

The chemical company BASF is planning to reduce the number of employees. Also affected is BASF Coatings in Münster with a good 200 of 2400 jobs, according to an interview with CEO Martin Brudermüller by the German newspaper FAZ.

BASF CEO MArtin Brudermüller wants to increase proftability of BASF. (Source: BASF) -

BASF does not operate in the red, however the company is not satisfied with its profitability. Even in such important areas as research and development, savings are to be made. And staff savings are also being made, for example in Münster. According to the FAZ interview, staff savings across the group will be made primarily in administration, while new hires are planned in production and digitization. “Ultimately, our growth will determine the concrete job development,” explained Brudermüller.

The job cuts in Münster are to be implemented through natural fluctuation and a severance program. The site is suffering from the weak automotive industry in Europe and also from lower demand from China.

BASF sales over the years

In addition to the mining in Münster, the sale of the Pigments and Construction Chemicals divisions is also planned. Concrete information on when and when this will take place is currently not known.

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