Helios Resins invests in processing biomass into raw materials for coatings

Helios Resins and Helios TBLUS are jointly investing in a pilot reactor system to process biomass into raw materials for bio-based resins and coatings. This sustainable initiative aims to address climate change and strengthen competitiveness in the business world.

Sustainability is increasingly in the focus of companies and can increase both productivity and customer acceptance. Image source: geralt Pixabay (symbol image).

The reactor system uses waste biomass from the wood and agriculture industries, promotes environmentally friendly products and reduces the carbon footprint in polymer production. The project is funded with a total of about EUR 323,000, half of which is provided by the state and the rest by project partners.

Environmentally compliant products

This cooperation strengthens the development of environmentally compliant products and aims to consolidate the position of Helios TBLUS in European markets.

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