Happy (eventful) new year

With the European Coatings Show and Congressto take place in April in Nuremburg, Germany, there is plenty chance for international exchange. Here, visitors can learn about innovations and novel products, and meet customers and members of the industry alike. Additionally, between the Coatings Summit in Miami in January and the Paintistanbul in October there are many other exhibitions, congresses and conferences you can visit.

However, 2015 not only offers many dates for the coatings calendar but also presents a fair share of challenges due to changes in rules and regulations. A very prominent date in this context is June 1st. From this date onwards, the CLP regulation will also be valid for mixtures and manufacturers will have to classify and label their products accordingly.

But let’s look forward to not only the many events to fill our calendars and the people to meet but also the many innovations, new products and discussions that we will no doubt hear from this year. What is on your coatings “to do list” for 2015? Where do you see potential challenges? And what research and innovations are you most curious about this year?

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