Five facts about the Indian coatings market

The Indian coatings market is quite agile and is growing steadily in the double digits’ area. We collected some interesting facts about the market.

India is a very colourful country (Photo: 8meg – Fotolia) -

India not only has a fascinating culture, the country also offers a dynamic economy and a growing rate of industrialisation. This is also noticeable in the Indian coatings market which is growing steadily at a high pace. At the moment, the market is still operating at a lower level of development compared to most Western countries. One example, is the quite small roll of industrial coatings in India compared to the decorative coatings market. However, this is predicted to change.

Volume of the Indian coatings market

The Indian coatings market has a volume of approximately 5.3 billion EUR with a volume of 3.6 million tons of paint.

Volume of Indian coatings market

Share industrial vs.decorative coatings

On a global level the share of decorative and industrial coatings is about 50:50. The Indian coatings market is still dominated by decorative paints which have a share of 80%.

Industrial vs. decorative coatings in India

Split up of Indian industrial coatings

By far the largest portion of the Indian industrial coatings production is used in the automotive sector.

Industrial coatings detail india

Number of Indian coatings manufacturers

India is home to over 2,500 decorative coatings manufacturers. About 800 are producing industrial coatings.

Number of decorative and industrial coatings manufacturers in India

Per-capita use of paint in India

The per-capita usage of paints and coatings is at 4 kg annually. There is still a lot of growth potential, in fully industrialised countries, like Germany, you have a per-capita usage around 18 kg.

per capita use of coatings in india

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