Energiekontor and BASF agree on program to increase wind turbines efficiency

Energiekontor has teamed up with the international maintenance company Omega-Tools and BASF’s Coatings division to gradually equip its wind turbines with a special film, thus making them more efficient.

A wind turbine.
The excellent wear and corrosion resistance of the self-healing EP coating was attributed to the synergistic wear and corrosion resistance mechanism of the double-walled microcapsules.  Image source: Steppinstars - Pixabay (symbol image).

With its microscopic line structures, the functional film ensures a noticeable increase in the yield of wind turbines. The riblets reduce the formation of unfavorable air turbulence on the surface of the blades, so that a larger proportion of the wind can be used for generating electricity. In a measurement campaign that has been running for about a year, an increase of up to three percent in power output was determined. In the long term, Energiekontor AG wants to equip all available turbines – their own and those managed by their company – with the BASF film.

“Application without long idle times of the plant”

BASF has worked closely with the Wind division of Omega-Tools GmbH to ensure that the films are professionally installed. “The subsequent application of the functional film to existing wind turbines is feasible without long idle times of the plant and can be performed for every model,” said Olaf Dostalek, Managing Director of Omega-Tools GmbH, who with his company takes over the Europe-wide application of the film to the turbines of Energiekontor AG, and who acts as contact and sales partner for this technology in the market.

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