ECS 2015 – an event full of superlatives


Development projects are focused on the European Coatings SHOW. Trends that are set here keep coatings experts busy for the next two years. What expectations are in the air this year? What expectations do you have?

Joyful anticipation of the industry’s premium exhibition.

The European Coatings SHOW is the meeting place for the paint and coatings industry. It is not surprising therefore to find out that the chief interest of 75 % of the 166 respondents (as of 6 February) is in learning about new raw materials for the paints and coatings industry at the ECS. 54 % of respondents visit the show to learn about new developments. 30 % want to make new contacts. Expectations are high: 58 % of survey participants want to gain insights into new developments of the coatings industry, 22 % are looking for new technologies. Technology is in the foreground, as only 9 % of interviewees aim at establishing new partnerships and setting up new projects. This is understandable, considering that nearly 44 % of respondents see competitiveness as the biggest challenge. At a greater distance, interviewees opted for fulfilling regulations (27 %), and detecting trends and including them in new projects (25 %)

Trends for the ECS are diverse


Many development projects are scheduled for completion to coincide with this event. And over 50% of respondents come precisely for that reason to see what new developments there are. Trends that emerge here keep the paint chemists busy for the next two years. So, what are the expectations for this year’s event? Interestingly, no one technology appears to be emerging as the trend to follow. Although interest seems to be mostly focused on developments in waterborne systems (25 %), VOC-free systems (about 21 %) and functional coating technologies (also 21 %) are not far behind. For this reason, the lower number of responses nominating UV technology (15 %) and bio-based systems (about 13 %) are not indicative of a lack of interest, but rather serves to prove that the paint market is diversifying in terms of new developments. It transpires that the ECS can serve as a source of information for all stakeholders.

Which trend will be the driver for the next future? Which trend is most interesting for you?

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