Archroma with new Basel region headquarters and a dedicated “tech hub

Archroma has announced the relocation of its headquarters to Pratteln, just outside Basel, Switzerland, and a customised R&D role for its existing Reinach site.

Achroma has a new headquarters. Image source: Archroma.

Archroma’s new “Haus der Wirtschaft” (HDW) headquarters is located in a business hub that hosts the Economic Chamber Baselland with other companies, as well as a fully serviced conference and event center.

The move comes after a decade of growth at Archroma’s Tech Center building in Reinach, also near Basel, which evolved from being a dedicated technical center to hosting a growing number of corporate services and teams.

Back to the roots

With the opening of the new HDW headquarters, the Reinach Tech Center, designed to accommodate laboratories and technical expert teams, will return to its roots with focus on the global R&D and application development, supporting those of the Archroma Competence Centers (CC) which are located in Switzerland: CC Textile Finishing; CC Textile Repellents; CC Paper Coloration; and CC Paper Whiteness.

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