Spherical titania and their influence on self-cleaning and anticorrosion properties of acrylic resin

TiO2 particles prepared by sol-gel method with different diameters can enhance the self-cleaning properties of acrylic resin.

Spherical TiO2 particles of micro-nano size were prepared (symbol imabe). Image source: psdesign1 – stock.adobe.com. -

Firstly, spherical TiO2 particles of micro-nano size were prepared by using the inclusion reaction product which resulted from the chemical reaction between urea and EtOH and the inclusion reaction product served as a template. The size of spherical TiO2 can be regulated by the ratio of urea solution. The spherical TiO2 particles are mainly composed of anatase.

Enhancing the properties of acrylic resin

Then the above spherical TiO2 particles were used to enhance the properties of acrylic resin. With the increase of TiO2, the microstructure surface of TiO2/acrylic resin coating was in the uneven shape of lotus leaf.

When the addition of TiO2 reaches up to 30 wt.%, it can enhance the anti-corrosion properties of the acrylic resin coating brushed on Q235 steel plate, the water contact angle on the surface of TiO2/acrylic resin coating is 121.5° and displays good self-cleaning properties in the water with sand whose concentration reaches 20 wt.%. The composite coatings exhibited the highest 5B rating determined by adhesion test ASTM D-3359-02 (American Society for Testing and Materials).

The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 128.

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