Performance optimisation of gear wheels

Applied Nano Surfaces (ANS), together with the heat treatment expert Bodycote, has developed a new thermal coating process to optimise gears.

Due to the combination of thermal treatment and the application of the solid lubricant layer -

The new product builds on the properties of classic heat treatments, but adds a low-friction surface layer to the treated components. This is particularly relevant for gear design. Lower friction, increased wear resistance and improved corrosion resistance result in cost savings for manufacturers. In addition, nitriding is more cost-effective compared to conventional coating solutions.

ANS and Bodycote combine all known advantages of gas nitriding with a tribological performance profile of solid lubricant coatings. Similar to plasma nitriding, the process results in minimal distortion of the treated gear parts. This means that the tooth shapes no longer have to be reground. Due to the combination of thermal treatment and the application of the solid lubricant layer, the gears can withstand very high loads and react much less sensitively to the lubricant quality as a reference component.

Improved abrasion resistance and stronger corrosion protection

After furnace treatment, the reactive substances used create a solid lubricant layer on the surface of nitrocarburised parts. This enables a further reduction in friction and wear, provides better resistance to high shock loads, improved abrasion resistance and stronger corrosion protection for the treated parts.

In addition to nitriding gears, a wide range of applications is possible for a various industries as the coating can be applied to a variety of even highly complex geometries. In the automotive sector, these include in particular engine and powertrain components such as transmissions, differentials, bearings, but also pistons and fuel pumps.

More information is available on the website of Applied Nano Surfaces.

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