Improved tribological performance of epoxy composite coating

A new study reports the improved tribological performance of an epoxy self-lubricating composite coating by boron nitride nanosheets and Ag nanoparticles.

A laboratory.
NIR absorbing films with outstanding transmittance in the visible region were fabricated using the synthesised cyanine dyes and a transparent polysulfone binder. Image source: Shawn Hempel - (symbol image).

The application of epoxy (EP) self-lubricating composite coatings to the surface of mechanical parts has attracted attention increasingly, since they are beneficial for extending the lifetime of equipment by decreasing friction and wear. However, the shortcoming of poor wear resistance of EP is a limited factor in tribology. In the present study, hard hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets (BNNSs) supported soft metal of Ag nanoparticles (Ag NPs) was constructed to strengthen the tribological performance of EP. The BNNSs was firstly prepared after h-BN being treated by NaOH/KOH solution, and then Ag NPs were uniformly anchored on the BNNSs surface through hydrothermal method. The achieved BNNSs/Ag surface had rough microstructure and active sites, which were conducive to the interfacial compatibility between BNNSs and EP.

Reduced friction coefficient and wear rate

The tribological test results demonstrated that the lubricity and wear resistance of EP coating were improved significantly by BNNSs/Ag. Especially as the weight fraction of BNNSs/Ag was 0.7 %, the corresponding composite coating showed an 80.5 % and 86.4 % reduction in the friction coefficient and wear rate compared to EP coating, which was mainly because of the good interfacial interaction in the composite coating, the “hard-soft” synergistic reinforcing and lubricating effect of BNNSs/Ag, as well as self-lubricating property of transfer film.

The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 171, October 2022.

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