ECS Conference 2021: Water-based coatings in focus

At the digital European Coatings Show Conference 2021, water-based coating systems will be a focal point.

Water instead of VOCs: A complete session at this years European Coatings Show Conference will focus on water-based coatings. Image source: Anton Maltsev - stock.adobe

The switch towards low-VOC and VOC-free coatings is far from finished and the topic has been keeping the industry busy for quite some time. At the European Coatings Show Conferences, the sessions on water-based systems have always been among the busiest in recent years.

The digital European Coatings Show Conference in a few weeks will also be devoted to this topic. On the second day of the conference, 14 September, a complete session on water-based coatings will be held and will include presentations on water-based hardeners, water-based epoxy coatings and water-based topcoats for protective coatings.

All details, also on the other sessions, can be found in the current conference programme.

Further information and tickets are available on the conference website.

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