December issue: Powder coatings in the focus

The December issue of the European Coatings Journal features a full package on powder coatings: a market report, a product overview and expert interviews. The magazine is also available in European Coatings 360°.

The December issue of the European Coatings Journal features a full package on powder coatings
If you lookfor eco-friendly and sustainable systems, you will stumble inevitably overpowder coatings. Nowadays, the benefits of powder coatings are well known,nevertheless, they still hold a relatively small share of the entire paints andcoatings market.

As withmany markets, the impact of the pandemic means short-term predictions are for adecline. Long-term predictions for powder coatings are more positive. Themarket report (page 10) describes the recovery of key markets and how recentregulations will positively affect the use of powder coatings by underpinningthe green credentials of these systems.

Thepopularity of smooth matte epoxy and epoxy-hybrid powder coatings for interiorapplication poses a challenge when set against the current volatile market formatting agents. In this issue’s focus article Atman Fozdar, Fozdar Dynamics,and Ronald Lewarchik, Chemical Dynamics, discuss different approaches toachieve the desired matting results while improving storage stability withoutaffecting reactivity.

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Thecomplete issue is now also available at our data bank European Coatings360°.  European Coatings 360° alsoprovides registered users with the opportunity to conduct your researchactivities online via our quick and effective full-text search and find exactlythe information you need for your daily work in the field of coatingsformulation.

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