Coating extends lifetime of rechargeable batteries

Novel indium coated lithium electrodes could be the starting point for rechargable batteries with an extended lifetime. The coatings provide a more uniform deposition of lithium during charging, as American scientists have found out.

Coating extends lifetime of rechargeable batteries. Source: Pixabay -

In an study, they report a simple electroless ion-exchange chemistry for creating coatings of indium on lithium.

Minimal capacity fade

By means of joint density functional theory and interfacial characterisation experiments, the researchers show that indium coatings stabilise lithium by multiple processes, including exceptionally fast surface diffusion of lithium ions and high chemical resistance to liquid electrolytes. In coatings also undergo reversible alloying reactions with Li ions, facilitating design of high-capacity hybrid In-Li anodes that use both alloying and plating approaches for charge storage. Thy further show that the coatings enable remarkably compact and uniform electrodeposition. The resultant In-Li anodes are shown to exhibit minimal capacity fade in extended galvanostatic cycling when paired with commercial-grade cathodes.

The study is published in: Angewandte Chemie.

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