Anionic UV curing of epoxy resins containing scaly silica

A cured organic-inorganic composite material where scaly silica was well-dispersed has been successfully fabricated with a tetrafunctional epoxy resin and chemically-modified scaly silica through an effective anionic UV-curing system using base proliferation reactions.

Anionic UV curing of epoxy resins containing scaly silica. Source: Pixabay -

Scaly silica (SS) chemically-modified with base-amplifying groups (1.4 wt% toward SS) was prepared, and anionic UV curing of an epoxy resin containing 100 wt% of chemically-modified SS was achieved after 5000 mJ/cm2 of light irradiation at a wavelength of 365 nm and subsequent heating at 160°C for 30 min.

Well dispersed

It was found by scanning electron microscopic study that the chemically-modified SS was well dispersed in the UV-cured film, and that unmodified SS was found to be aggregated.

The study is published in:Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 113, December 2017, Pages 185-188

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