Trends and developments in glass coatings

Formulating a successful coating for glass can be quite challenging. In just a few weeks experts will give useful information to understand this topic better and get up to speed with latest developments.

Part of the conference will be an open discussion with peers and experts about common issues or questions (Source: dyageleva- -

In his talk about digital printing on glass Dr Lutz Poth from Ferro will explain why digital printing for the glass industry has gained significant traction over the last few years and how it can be used for new applications in the automotive and appliance glass sector.

Another highlight in terms of sustainability will be the talk by Mark Mirza from Fraunhofer ISC in Germany. He will explain how the transparency of the cover glass determines the yield performance of solar systems. In particular, the adherence of dirt, dust and aerosol particles can lead to significant losses in performance. Over the years the Fraunhofer ISC has developed many solutions in the area of anti-reflective coatings, dirt repellent coatings for the harsh conditions in deserts and other rural areas.

Noteworthy is also the keynote speech of Klaus Monz from the Austrian world market leader for cut glass crystals Swarovski. He will give a broad overview of the long-term history with coatings on glass and why the importance of coatings is steadily increasing.

The conference will take place an 17-18 June 2019 in Berlin.

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