Strength enhancement of recycled aggregate pervious concrete

In a new study, a silane polymer emulsion treatment method was used to promote the strength of pervious concrete while maintaining its permeability.

Mason's trowel with grey paste.
The researchers investigated the mechanical and physical properties of RA pervious concrete. Source: Voyagerix – -

The mechanical and physical properties of RA pervious concrete were experimentally investigated. Membrane-forming ability tests and X-ray micro-tomography were conducted to determine the influence of the silane polymer emulsion on the membrane-forming behaviour and thickness distribution of cement paste.

Significant improvement through silane treatment

The results revealed that silane treatment significantly improved the strength of RA pervious concrete while maintaining acceptable permeability due to the redistribution of the cement paste. Meso-structure analyses confirmed that more cement pastes gathered around the bonding regions between adjacent RA particles. The findings suggest that this method can be used to enhance the strength of RA pervious concrete through effective utilisation of cement paste.

The study is published in: Cement and Concrete Research Volume 122, August 2019, Pages 72-82.

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