Prediction of autogenous shrinkage of cement pastes

A new paper presents predictions of autogenous shrinkage for three cement pastes of different compositions.

Concrete between steel pipes.
Precise and robust predictions of autogenous shrinkage of high performance concrete are essential to limit self-induced stresses and cracking in modern concrete structures. Source: markspirit – -

First only the poro-elastic deformation is considered and then including also the poro-visco-elastic response. The study used experimentally-determined parameters for the material properties of both the elastic and the visco-elastic components, which ensured the reliability of the calculations.

Prediction of the poro-visco-elastic response

The prediction of the poro-visco-elastic response of the material to the internal stress was performed using a generalised Kelvin-Voigt model that also considered aging. It is found that, while the poro-elastic calculations systematically underestimates the measured shrinkage, predictions with the inclusion of the viscous response overestimates the shrinkage.

The study is published in: Cement and Concrete Research Volume 126, December 2019, 105917.

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