Innovative silicone/vanillin monomer

Scientists have studied the effect of a novel silicone/vanillin monomer on the thermal stability and adhesion properties of UV-curable polyurethane pressure sensitive adhesive and its application in functional glass.

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At present, the energy crisis is becoming increasingly outstanding, and the expanding market of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) puts forward higher requirements for biomass materials. Vanillin comes from biomass raw materials, and it has been widely used in related research fields. So far, there are few reports on the preparation of novel monomers containing Schiff base structure from silicone and vanillin. In the new work, vanillin reacts with methacrylic anhydride to prepare monomers with double bond structure, and furthermore a fresh type of silicone/vanillin monomer is prepared by aldehyde-amine condensation reaction. Finally, the novel monomer is introduced into polyurethane matrix. A series of silicone/vanillin-based PSAs have then been prepared under UV conditions.

Versatile and extensible method

The results show that the introduction of silicone/vanillin monomer can improve the residual carbon rate of PSAs. It is worth noting that the 180° peel strength of PSAs on functionalized glass has been strengthened, which greatly promotes the application of PSAs on functionalised glass. According to the scientists, their work provides a simple, versatile and extensible method for designing PSAs with silicone/vanillin structure in the future.

The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 171, October 2022.

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